Sunday, December 19, 2010

Audi RS6: Changing Engine Oil and Filter

There are not many car people that require a Do-It-Yourself on how to change the oil, but the RS6 is one vehicle that is not very straightforward. The oil change is a bit more involved, but the oil change interval is 10,000 miles so you you won't have to do it that often. Most dealerships will charge $400-$500 for an oil change on this car and that includes fluids, filter, and labor.

You can purchase the OEM Audi/VW, which is Castrol TXT 505.01 specification synthetic oil. You will have a difficult time finding this oil at anywhere other than the dealership or speed shop. If you are interested in an oil that meets the 505.01 specification, but exceeds it in wear protection and performance, check out QuantumBlue from BND Automotive. Call Brian and ask him about their special blend for the RS6.

Tools you will need:
  • T55 Torx
  • Oil filter wrench that fits the OEM filter
  • 3/8" universal socket
  • Two 3/8" long extensions
  • Short flat headed screwdriver
  1. Start the car up for 10 minutes before starting the steps below as it will help the oil drain quicker.
  2. Jack up both sides of the front of the car high enough that the wheels are off the ground. Place jack stands under the chassis for safety.
  3. Remove the passenger side wheel.

  4. Remove the undertray using a flat headed screw driver. There are 9 quarter turn fasteners on the bottom of the undertray and 2 plastic quarter turn fasteners in the wheel well area.
  5. Place a large oil pan below the engine and use the T55 Torx bit to drain the oil. If you oil pan is smaller than 3 gallons, you will probably want to stop the draining process when the pan fills up. It is easy to forget the quantity of oil in the engine and have your pan overflow. Remove the oil filler cap on top of the engine to allow all of the oil to drain freely.
  6. Locate the two nuts on the swaybar bushings. If both front wheels are off the ground you should not have any tension on the swaybar. Remove all four nuts and pull the sway down a few inches.

  7. Assemble the oil filter wrench, universal socket, extensions like the following:

  8. Look inside the passenger wheel you should be able see the back of the oil filter through a hole near the front of the axle.

  9. Attach the wrench and socket to the oil filter and turn counter clockwise. After breaking the filter loose, you should be able to turn it off by hand. Be sure to have the oil pan below this area to catch the spilled oil. 
  10. Take the oil filter off of the mount and then lower it down through the gap created from disconnecting the sway bar.
  11. Let all of the oil drain from the car. Clean up any spilled oil on the chassis.
  12. Put a thin bead of new oil on the seal of the new oil filter. Install oil filter and tighten.
  13. Put the drain plug back into oil pan and tighten.
  14. Fill engine up with 2 gallons of new oil. Start engine for 1 minute and turn off.
  15. Check oil level and fill until the full mark on dip stick.
  16. Check for any leaks.
  17. Install undertray.
  18. Smile after saving $250 of dealer labor.
Contact me if you have any question.


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